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C-Suit Search

C-Suite Executives steer the ship at companies, and finding the perfect fit can often be a daunting task. However, with our experience and expertise, you can rest assured we will find the right leader who possesses the core values along with the ability to align with the culture and environment of your company. Our assessment of a potential C-Level candidate is specific and thorough because we understand what it takes to lead a company to success.

Permanent Staffing

Putting trust in a permanent hire is a big step for any organisation, and we are around to make sure that your decision is vindicated. Our efforts with permanent staffing include minutely whetting every application before we hand you a list of completely screened and qualified options. Permanent staffing is a tedious, time-consuming process for any organisation, which is why you need to – without any second thoughts – entrust us at e-Hireo with the job. Our approach is accurate, and most importantly, one with quick turnaround time.

Functional Search

It’s no secret or surprises how the organisational structures in the corporate world have widened. It takes a plethora of aspects to achieve success, which is why, we at e-Hireo have spread our expertise across several functional areas such as operations, marketing, sales [B2B and B2C], finance, voice/non-voice processes, and leadership hiring among others. You have a need, be rest assured we will find the right fit across positions.

Recruiter On-Demand

Many times even the best set teams need more hands on the deck, also if it is for a short while, to complete a task successfully. Our network lets us identify the apt candidates for clients who work mostly in markets that fluctuate. We identify and understand the need, swiftly move into action to screen and bring the right candidates on board, and once the targets are achieved and the goals met, help disengage recruiters.

International Staffing

With organisations increasingly looking to expand across foreign shores, international staffing is a vital cog in the global expansion scheme of things. Making the right hires isn’t the easiest of tasks, more so when it’s away from home. For our clients who expand to countries abroad, we spearhead the search for candidates that are both, effective and efficient, and more importantly, understands the market culture. What makes international hiring tougher are the hurdles that come in the form of labor laws, tax rates, agreements, and contracts. Fortunately for you, we have it all covered.

Campus Recruitment

The smartest minds are only getting younger which is why we have a sturdy campus recruitment program firmly in place. Organisations are on the lookout for profiles that vary from the highly experienced to those with the promise of a bright future. Over the years, we have forged associations with some of the best educational institutions that give us access to some of the most talented minds who fit the profile of your organisation.

Project based Staffing

We understand the volatility of the market well enough to know that project-based staffing is an option that clients often prefer. We also understand how important it is to keep a project moving, and that’s where our expertise with project-based staffing kicks in. The yardsticks we use ensure that we zero down on just the right people for your company, in a bid to keep the wheels moving for as long as you need. At e-Hireo, we are committed to helping our clients achieve targets and goals, and that begins by understanding exactly what the need is. Qualified staff – permanent or project-based – will determine your success, and we, as an organisation, are fully aware of that.

We are hiring, come make a difference.

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