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We are driven by the idea of delivering nothing but the best when it comes to staffing solutions.

We, at e-Hireo, are an organisation comprising highly skilled, dynamic and motivated recruitment professionals who are driven by the idea of delivering nothing but the best when it comes to staffing solutions.
At e-Hireo, we thrive on ideas. We are of the belief that every day gives us the chance to innovate and change the game – for us, and our clients. We are a bunch that isn’t content with the bar we set, and look to keep raising it. More importantly, we are determined to churn out quality every time we touch a project, and are happy to let it pass if we have even an iota of doubt in being able to deliver what’s asked of us.

Nothing gives us more joy than adding value to your business, which is why we believe we are an extension of your company.

We understand competition and how critical it is, which is why we are always monitoring organisations outside of the ones we work with, in a bid to keep our clients one step ahead of everyone.

Your organisation is only as good as the people you hire. But before we begin our work with helping assemble your team, we spend more than just a considerable amount of time understanding every little detail of your business and what it needs to grow into a success story.

Once we have embraced your organisational values and structure, we get down to understanding the expectations from the role and help structure a description that will give both – us and you – the best shot at acquiring the right fit for the role.

Putting trust in a permanent hire is a big step for any organisation and we are around to make sure that your decision is vindicated.

A lot of times even the best set teams need more hands on the deck, even if it is for a short while, to complete a task successfully. Our network lets us identify the apt candidates for clients who work mostly in markets that fluctuate.

We identify and understand the need, swiftly move into action to screen and bring the right candidates on board, and once the targets are achieved and the goals met, help disengage recruiters.

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Everyone’s needs are different, and more importantly, specific. And we, at e-Hireo understand this better than anyone.


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